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My new piece for Bowed Electrons 2022 is a generative player called Nostalgia Nexus.

You can download the player as an app for Mac here (for newer MacOS versions you will be blocked from opening the app the first time. Go to your security settings in the control panel to allow the app to open):

Download Nexus Player (984MB)

Trio Dahinden Kleeb Harris: Dancing the Stone

Trio Dahinden Kleeb Harris:

Dancing the Stone

Released on sluchaj records

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released by son0-morph

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Lullabies for Philomel

for solo oboe and electronics

Performed by Alison Lowell

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Movement One: Prelude: Inside a metal cage, a solitary lovebird laments and dwells on the time when there were two

Movement2: Philomel's cry

Movement 3: A serpentine question

Movement 4: Metamorphosis: bells and birds


for digitally manipulated cor anglais

Presented at the Bowed Electrons Festival and Symposium 2020

manipulated cor anglais image

Click here to view through YouTube

Stark Winter

for violin, clarinet, cor anglais and electronics

live performance at The Bioscope, Johannesburg

Waldo Alexander, violin Morné van Herden, clarinet and Cameron Harris, cor anglais and electronics

City Deep

for cello and electronics

electronic version

Cameron Louis Harris · CityDeep

Blend fit operand

for looped feedback delay and alien politicians

Performed by Cameron Harris

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Suite inversée

Co-composed by Jonathan Crossley and Cameron Harris

Performed by Jonathan Crossley, Cameron Harris and Jonathan Sweetman as part of the Bowed Electrons festival and symposium 2021

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Movement 1:Gigu03 (It01/03)

Movement 2: Sarab&03 (It03/03)

Movement 3: Alam&06 (It02/06)

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