3 September 2022

Nostalgia Nexus App

Graphic for Nostalgia Nexus

My new piece for Bowed Electrons 2022 is a generative player called Nostalgia Nexus.

You can download the player as an app for Mac here (for newer MacOS versions you will be blocked from opening the app the first time. Go to your security settings in the control panel to allow the app to open):

Download Nexus Player (984MB)

10 July 2022

KISMIF Conference, Porto, Portugal 13 - 16 July 2022

I am just about to travel to Porto, Portugal to co-present a paper with Jonathan Crossley at the KISMIF Conference hosted by the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto.

The paper is entitled "Iterative musical collaboration as palimpsest: Suite inversée and The Headroom Project". It discusses the suite co-composed by Jonathan and myself. This work is now presented on its own website that shows the stages of evolution of the music. The site is based on my open collaborative web app The Headroom Project, which all are welcome to become involved in.

17 June 2022

Sarab&03 (It03/03) released as EP

Sarab&03 (It03/03), the second movement of Suite inversée for guitar cor anglais and electronics by myself and Jonathan Crossley, has been released as an EP across a number of platforms. This track has been beautifully mastered for commercial release. Below is a player that gives a short preview from Apple Music:

Here is the prievew from Deezer

And here is the preview from Amazon music.

If you click on either player it will take you to the track's page on that platform

4 June 2022

Bowed Electrons 2022

The dates for this year's bowed electrons festival have been announced. I will be premiering a new piece and giving a seminar during the symposium.

You can view and participate by visiting the sacmmt website.

Bowed Electrons Flyer announcing online festival 3-7 September 2022 at

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