Roland Dahinden: Composer and Performer (Trombone)

Hildegard Kleeb: Pianist

"an implausibly muted touch and Hildegard Kleeb's contained but alive rhythmic bounce always brings me back to her exacting blueprint.”

Jonathan Crossley - Son0-morph

Alison Lowell: Oboe

Gavin Wayte: Composer

Chris Wilson has developed a number of great Web Audio demos and devices.

Check out his Web Audio Vocoder and get the code here.

If you find the above fun, then see what you can build on his web audio playground.

Further to this, here is an interesting post from Chris Wilson's Blog that discusses web applications in relation to native ones: The Web is not Poor Man's Native

Also take a look at these web audio demos.

The PedalBoard project from The WASABI Project, is one of my favourite web audio projects. It aims to foster a standard for web audio plugins. You can see a You Tube demo of the PedalBoard here. You can play with the PedalBoard interface to make your own patches here.

By downloading the code you can build your own web audio plug-ins that conform to the proposed standard.

The Headroom Project

The Headroom Project is a new take on creating music collaboratively: Musical seeds are planted in the system and all are welcome to grow these seeds by evolving the music seed further.

You can hear the origins of the music by looking back though its earlier evolutions right to the initial seed. You can then visit the most recent evolution of the music that has been uploaded, download it, turn it into something new or make it more of what it already is and then upload it as the newest growth on this musical tree.

The site works using recorded files. You can change and process the newest sound file however you wish, using whatever technology makes the most sense to you. If you want to work in a more analogue way, you may decide to transcribe and re-record key material from the previous version – you are not tied to the previous sound file itself. All that matters is that there must be some discernable musical link between your evolution and the version previous to it.

Together we will make music authored by a wide number of people and it will be exciting to follow its journey.

Once you have created an account you will receive an email update whenever somebody has uploaded a new evolution.

You can browse the site without signing in but to upload you need to create an account. Your uploaded version will be credited to you on the site using the username that you choose.

I have planted the seed in three different types of soil:

  • The first medium is simply a stereo sound file.
  • The second is a grouping of rendered mono stems (this version allows you to upload as many as 16 stems and the site will play these stems simultaneously). Keeping tracks separate provides the next artist a greater chance to get inside the music.
  • The last type of seed is contained in an Ableton 11 Session. If you are interested in working with this, there is a link to the trial version for those who do not own the program.

Please choose one or more of these seeds to grow and let’s see what they grow into!

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